Local praise dance team auditioning for TV show

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - A praise dance team from Meridian, Unity, sent a video of a performance to America's Got Talent and has now been asked to audition in person.

“And once we sent our video in, I got an email from America’s Got Talent and they wanted us to come in person to audition. And then later down the line, they personally called for us to do the reality commercials,” says Janet Moore, Unity's choreographer.

The reality commercial will show Unity and other groups for the upcoming season. The kids say they're excited about the audition.

“It feels good because we going to do something instead of being out there in life trying to do bad things, and we’re trying to serve God,” says team member Davone Chambers.

The kids have learned more than just how to dance. This unique experience has taught them valuable life lessons.

“We hope to gain, showing the other children in the community that it’s O.K. to be different and that there’s more to just your phones and tablets, and this and that, because this group as well does community work,” says Moore.

The kids are nervous and excited, but say they're ready for the big audition.

"It feels amazing, because I know that I’ll be being able to go on TV doing what I do the best, which is dancing and serving the Lord,” says team member Jasmine Carter.

Unity will head to Houston, Tex., Thursday for its audition.