Local school gives thanks to veterans

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Magnolia Middle School honored and remembered the men and women who have served and are currently serving to keep our country free, on this Veterans Day.

“It is a big portion of history to learn about parts of the military and how it set up our country and show students exactly what they do for our country,” explained Melissa Barksdale, 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher.

During the program students played The Star-Spangle Banner, sang a patriotic song, but more importantly gained first hand encounters with real life heroes.

“They let me know that I can feel secure that we have people in our nation to fight for us for freedom,” said Kalerion Alford an 8th Grade Student.

Several Veterans were in attendance and they felt grateful and honored that students were wanting to know more about why they chose to serve.

“I am just proud being a Veteran to see how they respond and give us the respect because 45 years ago it was hard for those coming home because they didn’t get that and it is just a different feeling right now,”said Darryl Johnson a U.S. Army Veteran.

Leaders with Magnolia hope that by hosting this Veterans Day program it will give students a better understanding of the freedoms they have today.

“I hope that the students understand how they are able to live free because of the sacrifices that all the people in the armed forces do for us on a daily basis and things that they don’t see on a daily basis,” explained Barksdale.

As for students they understand the sacrifices made by Veterans and those currently serving the country every day.

“I would tell them thank you because we don’t have that many people that go out to fight for us and that is important for them to fight for us,” stated Alford.

This was the first ever Veterans Day program hosted at Magnolia Middle School and school leaders hope to continue honoring veterans for years to come.