Local boxer fights to be one of the greatest

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - When you think of boxing, you think of big names like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson or Sugar Ray Robinson. Well, a local boxer is fighting his way to be known as one of the greatest in the sport.

Tyi Edmonds

Tyi Edmonds has been boxing since the age of 8 and now he’s competing on a professional level.

“My dad was the influence. It all started with him. I grew up in the gym and I fell right in place,” says Edmonds.

Tyi’s father and trainer, Tim Edmonds, was a professional boxer himself in 1986, known as TNT.

“He’s forever evolving and I can see that in him. I’m looking to see how far he can actually go. All he has to do is listen, put in hard work, stay dedicated to it and we’ll make it,” says father and trainer, Tim Edmonds.

Tyi Edmonds has more than 40 amateur fights under his belt. He also had 13 professional fights and has won 11 of them.

Edmonds spends hours every day working out and perfecting his technique. He has been doing that for years now.

“When I was working out, he was working out,” says Tim Edmonds.

“I’m always working out every day. It’s not something we like doing, but we have to do it. If you don’t, it will tell when you’re in the ring. Jump rope, bag work and sparring. The sparring gets your timing right, your conditioning and everything else you need. All of it is repetition, but you have to have it in order to compete,” says Tyi Edmonds.

Tyi’s mother, who is also his manager, says her son has what it takes to be great in boxing.

“I can see him going far in this sport. I can honestly see him obtaining what he wants to obtain and that is making his footprint in this sport,” says Yolanda Edmonds.

Tyi Edmonds won the Jr. North American Championship in The World Boxing Foundation last year and says he’s not stopping there.

“I fought for it and I believe we got the knock out in the first round. It’s not a well-recognized belt it is a stepping stone. It’s a good marketing strategy for myself because when people see that belt, they want to talk to me,” he says.

Edmonds says he eats, sleeps, and breathes boxing, all thanks to his father and longtime coach.