Local breast center encourages 3D mammography

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The Anderson Regional Breast Center has offered 3D mammography for a little over a year now.

Director of breast imaging, Dr. Amy Coleman, says the 3D test has several benefits.

Coleman says the 3D images provide a more in-depth look at the breast, allowing doctors to quickly detect abnormalities.

“The patient comes for the exam and it’s the same test," Coleman said. "The time is the same but the doctor has much more information with the 3D mammogram.”

Dr. Coleman said 3D mammography is clinically proven to detect twice as many breast cancers as a regular mammogram.

“Our cancer detection rate has tripled," Coleman said. "There’s not more breast cancers happening, it’s that we’re finding them earlier when they’re treatable.”

Dr. Coleman explained the difference between the two breast screenings.

“A 2D mammogram is like a page of a book and a 3D mammogram is all the pages of a book," Coleman said. "Providing more information about the entire volume of the breast.”

3D mammograms have been used since 2012. Women are encouraged to start getting mammograms at the age of 40.