Military Matters: Local cadets participate in annual inspection

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - The Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps at Northeast High School in Lauderdale County is an award winning program.

The unit is inspected every year by the area manager and is ranked among 48 other NJROTC programs.

Naval Science Instructor and veteran Kent Malone said he wants his students to come out on top this year.

"We’re trying to see who the best is, last year we were number 4 out of the 49 schools, this year we're trying to get number one,” said Malone.

The inspection consists of several elements including a uniform inspection and marching.

"What I really really want them to get out of this is self-confidence, that's something that's a lost art now,” said Malone. “I really want them to understand that they are the greatest person they're ever going to meet in their life and to not limit yourself to your environment."

Senior Rashodric Wilson is serving as the unit's commanding officer.

"When you get in a leadership role, it's certain things you have to do,” said Wilson. “Everybody has a job and you have to do your job, this program taught me that."

The northeast unit is competing against NJROTC programs in Mississippi and four other states.

"I hope we do great…I know we're going to do great,” said Wilson. “That's just how much faith I have in my cadets, I know we're going to hang up another banner this year.”

Wilson said his cadets worked long and hard to prepare for Tuesday’s inspection and believes the results will reflect that.

The unit will know this year’s ranking once the other 48 schools they’re up against are inspected.