Local carhop skates his way to annual competition

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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - Philadelphia Sonic employee, Jeremy Huddleston is no ordinary carhop. He is one of five finalist competing in the 7th annual Sonic Skate-Off competition.

Huddleston has been skating passionately for seven years.

"It was a bunch of trial and error. I would say I practiced harder than the average skater because I used to skate all the time in a private section at the rink and just keep working on stuff over and over and over until I got it correct or until I just knew I couldn't get it wrong,” says Huddleston.

Huddleston says a fellow skater, who is also a finalist, encouraged him to be in the Sonic Skate-Off this year.

"My good friend Josh Tucker. He's from Dothan, Alabama. He actually participated in it last year and will this year as well. He talked it over with me and told me it would be a great opportunity for me and for my Sonic,” explains Huddleston.

Huddleston says the best part of skating is the freedom it gives him.

"I get freedom of creation. I can just make and do whatever I want to do and it makes me happy while I'm skating. Every time somebody sees me skating I like to have a big smile because I'm happy at all times,” says Huddleston.

Love and support has rolled in from communities all over Philadelphia. Huddleston says it makes him happy to know his town is rooting for him.

"They send me messages all the time motivating me. They are always saying every time I come up to their stall good luck, we hope you win, we hope you show that same southern hospitality to Oklahoma,” says Huddleston.

The Sonic Skate-Off will be Tuesday, August 14 in Oklahoma City. Huddleston and the other finalists will be evaluated on their skating ability, carhop skills and overall guest service.