Local entrepreneurs looking to make a buzz in clipper industry

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - A group of entrepreneurs is working on a product they consider to be 'Industry Interrupting'.

Duet Technology is a clipper company that plans to sell clippers that do not overheat. Co-founder Thomas White from DeKalb says the new clippers are a product the barber industry needs.

“I only had one set of clippers and I noticed they started to overheat really quickly," White said. "This led to me having to buy multiple pairs of these devices, sometimes three or four sets.”

Co-founder Tyler Anthony tells Newscenter 11 how Duet Technology's clippers are able to last all day.

“We have a patent pending on an autonomous temperature regulation system that allows the barber to sustain all-day use compared to the 25-30 minutes you can get out of current clippers on the market," Anthony said.

The two came up with the idea about two years ago while they were classmates at Mississippi State University. There, they were able to get over $130,000 to go towards their product through the Bulldawg Angel Network where investors donate to students who have start up companies.

Before getting to work, the two realized they needed to establish their brand. That’s when a third member of the team was added.

Meridian native Vicki Jordan manages the social aspect of the brand.

“For us it was important to establish the market beforehand because we’re going into an industry that’s already established," Jordan said.

The clippers are expected to be launched next year. The trio is excited to get the product into barbershops across the country.