Local production company holds film auditions in Meridian

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK)- A local production company held auditions for young female horse riders to play a leading role in a western film here in Meridian.

“When people see this films, I want them to understand more about barrel racing. If they don’t know about it, I want them to gain a further respect for the sport. Something that is sometimes overlooked in the rodeo world,” says filmmaker Travis Mill.

Independent Mississippi filmmaker Travis Mill partnered with Circle P Productions to host a barrel racing western film audition called “The Turn and Burn”.

“In 2020 I’m going to make 12 western films in 12 months. It sounds crazy, but that’s what we’re going to do. January 2nd we start making these movies once a month. The one that we're going to make next September is called "The Turn and Burn". We making it in Meridian area,” says Mill.

The audition was held during Saturday’s Queen City Classic Barrels and Poles at the Lauderdale County Agri-Center.

“The filmmaker is going to cast real barrel racers. It does not have to be someone that's a true actor. He wants this to be an authentic experience and an authentic movie. That’s why he’s casting real barrel racers because the filmmaker Travis Mills says he can teach anyone how to act, but you can’t teach anyone how to ride a horse,” says the owner of Circle P Productions, Lisa Pevey.

The film is about a young woman that wants to be a professional barrel racer but is faced with some tough challenges.

“Being a professional barrel racer, it’s a very small window of opportunity. She comes to a juncture in her life, where she has to make decisions whether am I going to continue pursuing this or do I need to be a little more responsible and start thinking of the bigger picture of life,” writer Joe Pevey

People came from all over Mississippi and the surrounding states to audition in this onetime event.

The movie will be shot in September of 2020 and it will be released in 2021.