Local program honors first responders

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - First Responders, they risk their lives each and every day.

“We deal with everything from wrecks, fires, a lot of times it is only a fire alarm but a lot of times we deal with actual structure fires we have to deal with or car wrecks that can be a fender bender up to extraction and getting people out,” explained Andrew Cooley a Rescue Captain at Meridian Fire Department.

To honor those on the front lines, the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program collected baked goods and distributed them to various agencies.

“We are honoring our first responders and we have been doing this since 9/11 we started that following year,” explained Sandra McMullan a Volunteer with RSVP. “We like to show them our appreciation for protecting our community.”

Monday marks 16 years since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

“We lost a lot of guys on that day, they were not from Meridian, but they are our brother’s none-the-less so we want to remember those guys,” said Cooley.

These goodies were hand delivered by RSVP volunteers to the various agencies in and around Lauderdale County.

“It is great when the community comes out behind us,” stated Cooley. “A lot of times we don’t feel like we have support at times but when it is actually showed like this it gives you the warm fuzzy feelings and you are able to really see the community does care what you are doing here trying to save lives.”

The group of 55 and older volunteers explain it’s wonderful to give back to others and show appreciation to every first responder.

“Just be willing to work,” said McMullan. “We have easy jobs that are fun and warm our hearts to be able to help other people.”

Leaders with the RSVP program explain they will continue giving back to first responders for many more years to come.