Local teachers sharing positive message with students

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Local middle school teachers are reaching out to their students in a unique way.

The Carver Middle School staff held a parade of love through neighborhoods Tuesday so teachers could see and wave to their students, while schools are currently operating online.

They are uplifting the community and staying positive during this unprecedented time.

"We finally get to see the kids. It has been weeks without seeing them. We've developed closed relationships with them. We not only educate them, but for some of the kids in the area that we teach in, we're the only positive force they have," said history teacher, Robyn Rush.

Teachers created signs to share their message that students are not forgotten and had help from the Lauderdale Volunteer Fire Department, which loaned a fire truck for the parade.

"The main mission was to show the students that we love and care for them. In the midst of all this crisis, it's good to find some peace and some sense of normalcy. We want them to see that we're out here, and we support them. It's hard on us as well as everyone else. We love the students, and we want them to know it," said Lauderdale Volunteer Fire Department chief, Ora Smith.

The parade started at Western Gardens and ended at Frank Berry Courts. With some drastic changes people are facing, many are remaining positive, and trying to spread that positivity around.

"If you would continue to share love, with one another on social media and not the negativity. Care about each other, show one another that you love each other. The teachers at Carver Middle School haven't forgotten about their students," said Lauderdale Volunteer Fire Department executive secretary, Lenora Dickens.

"It's a great opportunity for the kids to get with their families and friends. We need to slow down a little and see that life is different from what you think it is. We want the kids to know that we're thinking about them," said PE coach, Robert Thompson.

The theme of the parade was spreading love.