Long term area school expands to the 8th grade

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The new school year kicked off Monday at St. Patrick Catholic School. The school has expanded by adding the 8th grade level to the list. Teachers and administration say despite the larger expansion, the first day of school went well.

“Today is the first day of school, so we are very excited at St. Patrick to have all of our students returning, but we have a lot of new students as well. We are very excited to have them as part of our school family this year. We also have 8th grade as a grade this year at our school and we are so glad we are able to keep our 7th grade for one more year and give them an additional year of learning, “said Jennifer David, school Principal.

“Today was a really great day and it was my first day at St. Patrick’s and the teachers are really nice and the students were really nice and I just had a fun day, “said T’Shombe Lewis, school student.

St. Patrick Catholic School was founded in 1873 in a single building of thirty students and continues to grow in 2016.

While the kids at St. Patrick Catholic were settling in for the first day, Lamar School in Meridian was kicking off their first day of school as well.

Students were up bright and early for a new day at Lamar and parents enjoyed seemed to enjoy the start of the morning by capturing those back to school memories.

“We had a great first day of school at Lamar School, lots of eager children just so excited to see their friends and teachers, everything went so smoothly, lots of parents were here to capture those memories and we are just looking forward to a great school year,” said Jaycee Butler, school teacher.

Lamar Elementary opened with grades one through six in 1965 with the middle school opening in 1970.