Love's Kitchen gives back in a special way

Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 11:03 PM CST
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A non-profit organization is partnering with Love's Kitchen and is giving back in a special way.

For every person in need at Weems Mental Health Homes, Love's Kitchen will fill up their pantry.

Executive director, Fannie Johnson, says the charity is always thinking of ways to supply the basic needs. Due to extra cans donated, Love's Kitchen was able to make that happen.

Dusty Social Service Club was at Love's Kitchen Thursday to donate over a thousand can goods for this year’s holiday.

“The homeless person will not only get a home with other furnishings, but they will also have a pantry with food in it. If they were homeless on the streets last year, they might actually be having their own meal they prepared in their own home Thanksgiving this year,” says Johnson.

“Just knowing that I can help put a smile on somebody's face just makes me want to do something like that even more,” says Demia Bland, president of Dusty Social Service.

Love's Kitchen is preparing to serve 500 Thanksgiving meals this holiday.

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