Love's Kitchen feeds over 200 Christmas Day

Published: Dec. 25, 2018 at 4:42 PM CST
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Loves Kitchen served more than 200 plates of hot food Christmas day.

Ham, mac and cheese and special desserts were just some of the holiday dishes prepared.

"It’s the kind of meal they would have if they were home. A lot of them- this is their home. One of the churches donated Christmas presents. So the homeless people got Christmas presents to take home with them,” says Love’s Kitchen Executive Director Fannie Johnson.

Johnson says even though the day was extremely busy, it was all worth it.

"We had a nice big breakfast this morning, too. So it has been a great day for those who treat us like family. They hung out with family most of the day and enjoyed it,” says Johnson.

Johnson says Love's Kitchen is there to help, however they can, no matter a person's circumstances.

"The feeling that you helped someone with something that is basic in a sense but so necessary, because being hungry, you can't do anything if you're hungry. You can't go to school, work, and take care of your family, anything. And especially like I said on Christmas, we want to make sure they know they're loved and that love just didn't come from us,” says Johnson.

Johnson says her Christmas wish is for everyone to have a reason to smile today.

"We would like to thank the community, because always the food is donated, either the food itself or the money to buy, because everybody wants everybody to have a special Christmas."

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