Choctaw Tribal Chief race heading to a runoff


It appears members of the Choctaw tribe will be heading to the polls for an election run-off to vote for the next tribal chief.

Incumbent Chief Phyliss J. Anderson will face Cyrus Ben in the run-off.
Ben received 46% of the vote Tuesday while Anderson pulled in 34% of the votes.

Absentee ballots will be counted Wednesday.

Tribal Chief

Phyliss J. Anderson (I)- 1186
Randy Anderson- 158
Cyrus Ben- 1591
Beasley Denson- 180
Barry McMillan- 306
Eric McMillan- 22


Members of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians hit the polls Tuesday to vote on tribal council members and chief of the 11,000 member tribe.

Six candidates are running for chief, including incumbent Chief Phyliss Anderson. Also running is Beasley Denson, Cyrus Ben, Barry McMillan, Eric McMillan, and Randy Anderson.

Absentee votes will be counted Wednesday. Results from all of the communities, except Pearl River, were in as of 11:15 p.m. The latest chief numbers are below:

Phyliss Anderson- 834
Randy Anderson- 124
Cyrus Ben- 1,002
Beasley Denson- 124
Barry McMillan- 187
Eric McMillan- 117

The unofficial tribal council results are below:

Pearl River

Henry Ronald Alex, Sr. - 28
Rahka Brescia- 31
Michele Butler- 55
Robert Cotton- 12
Kevin Favre- 32
Robert Garcia, Jr.- 73
Nigel Gibson- 258
James Johnson- 47
Speedy Lewis- 23
Alexander McMillan-8
Lola Parkerson- 176
Austin Tubby-60
Lakeishia Wallace- 35
Barbara Wesley- 28
Kent Wesley- 160
Stella Willis- 120

Bogue Chitto

Martika Anderson- 8
Annie Bell- 12
Gabriel Bell- 56
John Bell, Jr.- 18
Ronnie Henry- 228
Cami Hickman-7
Joanne T. Hickman- 12
Angela Hundley- 138
Natasha John- 45
Enid Wynona Littlevoice- 7
Davita McClelland- 7

Bogue Homa

Ruthie Bell- 12
Michael Briscoe- 65
Robert Briscoe- 25
Troy Nickey Jr.- 7
Berdie Steve- 58
Gary Thomas- 5


Max Anderson- 59
Rodgrick Anderson- 87
Troy Chickaway- 82
Rockky Isom- 32
Jesse Thomas, Sr.- 48
Timothy Thomas, Sr. 173
Jonathan Williams- 23

Red Water

Anthony Anderson- 29
Myrtle Ben- 76
Ashley Dixon- 16
Carla Dixon- 15
Tia Grisham- 80
Richard Isaac- 130
Errol Kenward John- 11
Samuel John- 84
Sharon Johnson- 97
Anthony Steve Sr.- 62
Tonya Wilder- 17
Virginia York- 15

Standing Pine

Betty Allen- 7
Anna Denson- 32
Kevin Edwards- 130
Richard Sockey- 134
Angela Vaughn- 17


Sandy Balderas- 41
Kimberly Billy- 3
Lisa Charlie- 38
Karen Chickaway- 28
Lee Chickaway- 9
Brian Davis- 27
Eric McMillan- 8
Linda McMillan- 89
Wilma Simpson-McMillan- 108