MCC holds 5th annual honor band concert

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK)- All of the Lauderdale county high school and middle school bands came together to play one big tune.

The 5th Annual Lauderdale County Honor Band features about 130 band students representing more than 13 schools from the Lauderdale County School District and Meridian Public Schools.

“Some of them come from the same school, but a lot of them don’t come from the same school. You mix them all together, all different kinds of people, and they have one goal. It’s to make this music and play it to the best of their ability. We do this in the smallest amount of time. I am so excited this can happen in our town,” says Northeast High School band director Wesley Lollis.

Friday students rehearsed for 6 hours to music they have never played before to perform Saturday night at Meridian Community College McCain Theater.

“They’ve been able to pull out wonderful music in a very short amount of time. They only had one day of rehearsal and now they’re going to perform this music in a concert. It's unenviable, it’s amazing, and we’re very impressed,” says MCC music instructor Mitch Brantley.

Organizers say this is a great way to bring the community together and to showcase local band students.

“This project is very important to me. Meridian has needed something like this for a very long time. We’re a city in the state of Mississippi and it should have its honor band,” says Lollis.

“The mission is to make music together. That’s teamwork from people all over the district and many different schools,” says Brantley.

The honor band concert brings together band students who have shown exceptional work ethic, musical skill, and passion.