MCC offering program to help students who just missed required ACT scores for certain classes

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Meridian Community College is giving some students the opportunity to either get right into the English Composition 1 or the College Algebra course through The Bridging the Gap or the Math STARS programs.

“It’s for students that have low ACT scores; in order to take college algebra here at MCC, you have to have a 19 on the math portion of the ACT,” says Candace Rainer, the math division chair at MCC. “So it’s for any students that have not made that score so that they don’t have to take a developmental math course called 'Intermediate Algebra'.”

“I handle the English portion of it and to get into Comp 1 you have to have at least a 17 on the English portion of your ACT,” says Lowell Martin, the director of the Student Success Center at MCC. “For students who have a 14 to a 16, instead of them having to take intermediate English, and then Comp 1, we do the Bridge Program.”

The courses will run Monday through Thursday until July 25.

“This is the fourth year- this is only my second year of being associated with it- but we’ve been doing this for 4 years now,” Martin says. This is the first year that we’re doing the math part of it.”

There are 15 students enrolled in each subject. These programs give students a second chance at advancing in parts of their education.

“Well students I think can get frustrated, especially seeing that they made just under the necessary score to get into Comp 1,” Martin says. “And so what we say is, “okay, look, let’s just try this and give you the opportunity to do well in this 2 week program and then you can go directly into Comp 1.”

These programs are only for students who will be attending Meridian Community College.

Bridging the Gap is held in the morning hours, while the Math STARS program is held in the afternoon.