Adjusting to online courses

Brianna Bynum College campuses are now empty and closed because of the highly contagious coronavirus.

For thousands of Meridian Community College students, including Tamara Bennamon, spring break quickly took an unexpected turn once it was announced that students would finish spring semester classes online.

“That has really thrown us off and it’s harder because we’re not in the class with our instructor,” said Bennamon.

Bennamon majors in cosmetology and said she’s used to hands on learning.

“How can you do hair online? If you think about that, hair, nails or makeup online, it’s really been difficult for all the girls trying to understand it,” said Bennamon.

Although Bennamon’s online assignments started about a week ago. Many other MCC professors will start teaching their online courses next week.

Director of e-learning Dr. Marie Roberts is helping professors prepare for the switch. She said although the change in learning methods was unexpected, the eagle community is doing what it can to move forward.

“Prior to COVID-19 it was just a really great supplement, it was an option for students who chose this type of delivery method but for now it’s an integral part of our operation moving forward,” said Roberts.

The school says it is unknown if it will hold summer courses but expects classes to resume as normal in the fall.