MCC welcomes new students on campus

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Meridian Community College will soon be flooded with students as they return for the new school semester.

Dean of student services, Deanna Smith, says the department is busy preparing for classes to start.

“It has been a busy week here at MCC," said Smith. "We have classes starting Monday, Aug. 19 and we've had students coming in last minute getting their admissions process taken care of.”

Many of the incoming students are new to the Queen City.

Incoming sophomore, Jada Hiatt, knows how it feels to be in a new environment.

She graduated high school with a little over 50 people and is ready to share how she adjusted from that to attending MCC with new classmates.

“Coming to MCC, there’s a lot more than 54 students here," said Hiatt. "It definitely helped just being talkative and wanting to know more about people and where they were from.”

Like Hiatt, Louisville native Braylen Laine says he wants the students who are new to campus to feel welcome and is willing to lend a helping hand so that can happen.

“If i can understand them, then they can understand me," said Laine. "I come from where they came from because last year I was in their same position.”

During the first week of classes, agencies like Weems will be on campus to show students they have resources to help them have a successful semester away from home.

Student move in on campus Friday and Saturday.