MPD chief discusses Philadelphia, PA shooting

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - With the news of Wednesday’s shooting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that left six officers shot, Meridian Police Chief Benny Dubose says serving warrants and going into unknown situations is one of the most dangerous parts of the job.

(Photo Source: WTOK-TV)

He says when a potential suspect knows their freedom could be taken away from them for a long period of time, it can cause major problems for an officer dealing with that person. He says officers try to be vigilant with everyone they interact with because they never know what that person might do when confronted.

“That individual might be wanted for probation violation, or something of that nature, and have no idea. As in the case with the officer involved shooting two nights ago. That individual knew that if he was captured that MDOC had a warrant on him for probation violation and he didn’t want to go,” Dubose says.

Dubose says he was surprised that responding officers only had handguns until SWAT teams arrived.

“In a city the size of Meridian, our officer carry patrol rifles because of a shootout in California a couple of decades ago where they only had handguns and were up against individuals with long guns, assault rifles and bulletproof vests. We took that as a sign we needed to catch up with the times. Our folks are ready,” Dubose says.

Dubose says the Meridian Police Department is always prepared in case of a situation like the one yesterday in Pennsylvania.