MPD looking to recruit new officers

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Calling anyone who would like to be a police officer. The Meridian Police Department has put out an application for those who want to be part of Meridian’s finest.

“What we have is officers getting out there and patrolling. With what we’re working with they’re doing a good job,” Sgt. Dareall Thompson says.

Right now, the Meridian Police Department has 81 officers employed. That’s 29 below full capacity, which is something the department says they have never been.

“Based on putting applications in, it will help us put more officers out there in the neighborhoods compared to what officers we have now,” Thompson says.

The opening date was Friday and 32 people have already picked up applications. In addition to new applicants, the department says they have certified officers and investigators that are making lateral transfers.

“I have seen more people turn in applications that are certified and laterally transferring from other departments,” Thompson says.

Thompson says the recent increase in officer salaries has attracted more potential employees

“With the city council and mayor pushing for this pay raise, we are hoping it will draw more officers to the Meridian Police Department,” Thompson says.

The applications are available at the Civil Service office on the bottom floor of City Hall.

The applications have to been turned in by November 22nd at Noon.

The test will be given on December 10th.