MPD urges hit-and-run driver to come forward

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - The Meridian Police Department is urging anyone who has information about a hit and run on Briarwood Road that turned out to be fatal to come forward.

71-year old Edward Donaldson was struck while riding his bicycle on Labor Day. He died from his injuries in a Jackson hospital nearly a week later.

Meridian police detective, Rochester Anderson, says whoever has anything to do with this hit and run crime can help themselves by contacting the Meridian Police Department.

"What we're looking for (is) the people or persons that were out on Briarwood Road, is to come and give us details about the incident, and why the decision was made (to leave), to provide closure for the victim's family," said Anderson. "Sometimes fear overtakes people's logical thinking and they can help themselves by giving us their side."

Rochester says if the person responsible is found, without the intent to turn themselves in, the consequences will be greater for that person. Anyone who has information about this crime is urged to call the Meridian Police Department or Crimestoppers at 855-485-8477.