Mennonite Disaster Service helps Meridian tornado victims

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Around 20 members from the Mennonite Disaster Service have been in Meridian for over two months helping victims from last April’s tornadoes.

The mission-based organization sends people to all parts of the country who have been affected by disasters, and they provide everything from major and minor home repairs to cooking and cleaning.

This group, from parts of Canada and the northeastern U.S., says it has been greatly enriched by their time in Meridian.

"We sure absolutely get blessed. We get blessed by their love and by seeing their lives get back to normal,” Kerry Eidse says. “That's definitely a big piece of the blessing. It's also working with people every day that we're not used to working with and meeting homeowners. That part is really pretty neat."

The disaster service team was invited to the area by the Jubilee Mennonite Church of Meridian.