Meridian Cycles shares safety tips after ATV wreck

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A man died while riding an ATV in Kemper County, Sunday afternoon. Sheriff James Moore says 40-year-old Kendrick McCallum wrecked on Ora Clark Rd. in Scooba.

With more and more four wheeler wrecks happening, Meridian Cycles is sharing some four wheeler safety tips.

"Safety is the key to this," says Tim Miller, Meridian Cycles Sales Manager.

Meridian Cycles recommends a helmet for all riders.

"Always wear a helmet," says Miller. "I know that's not cool all the time but that's the way to save yourself."

The helmet needs to be approved by the Department of Transportation.

"It goes on your head, which is pretty important, so, we want to make sure we get the right helmet. A good fit," says Miller.

A DOT sticker will be on the back, showing it's been tested for safety.

Making sure your kid isn't driving a four wheeler too big is another big safety tip.

"The age appropriate label should be on every one," says Miller. "The adult-sized bikes are for ages 16 and older."

All the ATVs sold at Meridian Cycles have a big sticker, showing no riders under 16 years old on adult-sized four wheelers.

"These are single passenger ATVs made for riding one person at a time," says Miller. "When you're off road on a trail and you don't have the proper gear, and you add more people to it, you're adding more weight which makes it unsafe also." has more safety tips and offers a free online safety course.