Meridian clinic first to perform new procedure in Mississippi

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The spinal cord stimulator procedure has been around for 20 years, in which two devices called leads and a battery are placed in a patients back. An electrical stimulation is then given by the battery to provide pain relief.

“[The leads] provide a very small amount of the stimulation to those bunch of nerves. By doing so, it can effectively block the pain signal,” says Dr. Azhar Pasha, director of the Pain Management Center of Meridian. “You’ll still have the motor abilities of the nerves, you’ll still have all the sensations; however, just the pain signal is blocked.”

Having the battery implanted is in some cases too big of a surgery for some patients, so now a new technology created by Stimwave eliminates the need for the battery.

“This is a lower cost to the patient, much less of the surgery which was previously required, and thus less anesthesia,” Dr. Pasha explains.

The lack of battery also means that the leads can be put in other parts of the body.

“So patients with severe migraines, patients with carpel tunnel syndrome, patients who have had previous knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement, severe ankle pain, who just don’t have any other options to get pain relief,” says. Dr. Pasha.

The first use of the Stimwave technology in the state was done right here in Meridian.

“The first implant that we did of the Stimwave system was in March [2019], and it was the first one in the state of Mississippi with this technology,” Dr. Pasha says. “But we have now done 10 to 12 of these.”

The spinal cord stimulator procedure can be given as an alternative to using narcotics for pain relief.