Meridian officer recalls moments before escaped inmate capture

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The escape of two inmates in Mississippi July 5 had law enforcement from across the state on high alert for days.

A local police officer, acting on a tip, captured Blankenship in Meridian Wednesday, nearly 100 miles from where he and High broke out of the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility.

The officer who made the initial arrest happened to be near the area where a citizen said they spotted one of the inmates.

After realizing the man did, in fact, fit the description of the escaped inmate, Sgt. Heather Luebbers proceeded to detain him.

"I just pulled over and made contact with him," Luebbers said.

She said he showed no sign of resistance. Luebbers says Blankenship told officers the potential whereabouts of the second escapee, Christopher High. He was captured moments later.

Luebbers said the capture reflects the hard work the department puts in daily.

"We're a great department; we work together," Luebbers said. "The teamwork among ourselves, and with the (Lauderdale) county, is great and yesterday proved that."

The inmates had been on the run since Friday and are now back in prison facing new charges.