Meridian public schools got off to a great start Wednesday

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The first day of school at Poplar Springs Elementary was filled with excitement on Wednesday students and teachers were back getting in the routine.

“We did lots of getting to know you activities through games talking about expectations in the classroom, in the lunch room and just getting back into the swing of school,” said Abby Calhoun, Poplar Springs School Teacher.

The buses rolled in and out came the students and teachers for a new day. It seemed as though the kiddos had been waiting for this day as they all seemed quite excited to be back at school.

“It was great, we learned about all the awards we get when we read every day and stuff,” said Jordan Howells, Poplar Elementary student.

“It was fun and I am happy that we had school,” said Jack Martin, Poplar Elementary student.

Self Portraits were drawn in Mrs. Calhoun’s Class and Mrs. Posey was getting ready for science.

“I feel that if students learn to love Science they will do their very best in Science and we will just do so much exploring this year, that’s my main objective is to help them to learn science and to love science as much as I do,” exclaimed Linda Posey, Poplar Springs Science teacher.

Posey is very passionate about teaching science and she even had a little mini zoo her classroom so that kids could study and observe various animals.
Lauderdale county students will return to class Thursday along with Russell Christian. Lamar students return to school on Monday.