Minority business on the move

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Minority business is growing not just in Meridian, but across the country.

Angelique Adams, chair of the Meridian Minority Business Alliance talked about the reality On the Record Sunday.

Adams said the alliance was formed to create a platform for the businesses to share ideas and network.

She said there have been some important changes going on with minority businesses in just the last year and it takes all types of businesses to keep the economy healthy.

”About a year ago Bill Hannah and I had a discussion about the economy here and noticed that the minority business sector was under-represented," said Kelly. "So we began to look at ways to fix the problem by forming a business alliance and we took this idea to the executive board and they agreed that we move forward with it,” said executive sponsor, Eddie Kelly, division manager of Mississippi Power Company.

The Meridian Minority Business Alliance says the important thing with any organization is that networking is in place to foster success.