Miss Mississippi speaks at SE Lauderdale High School about bullying

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Former Miss Mississippi winner Laura Lee Lewis spoke to students at Southeast Lauderdale High School Monday about bullying.

Ms. Lee shared her own story about how she had been bullied in school and what she did to overcome those who taunted her.

“The most important thing is to respect others and respect yourself, those are the two key points that I wanted them to learn from this is that if you respect others, you’ll in return respect yourself and you’ll have a successful future if you do that.” says Lewis.

Her main message was to let students know that they are not alone, there are people out there to help you, and that there are ways to persevere over bullying and love yourself for who you are.

"It is important to tell someone, regardless of how scared you are, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes you feel, if you just tell someone, they’re there to help you. They’re there to encourage you, just tell someone. Just open up, and tell them, and I promise you they’ll be there to help."

This event comes at a perfect time since October is Bullying Awareness Month.