Miss. State Guard soldiers take part in a Lifesaving Skills Workshop

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The men and women of the Mississippi State Guard took part in this special training that could potentially save the lives of many, even those right here in Meridian.

Major Stephen Saint agrees that the lessons taught in this Lifesaving Skills Workshop, are services that every soldier and civilian should be capable of performing.

“These skills do save lives,” Major Stephen Saint says. “The number of deaths in Las Vegas likely would’ve been reduced had the first responders, and even the civilians in the area been able to apply the skills we’re learning here today.”

The soldiers simulated emergency response scenarios that required quick thinking and effective tactics.

A key scenario involved an adrenaline racing active shooter drill.

“What we’ve learned today is mostly having to do with trauma, how to control things like arterial bleeds, gunshot wounds that are bleeding. It’s actually all about the blood lost and how to stop that. That’s the number one concern and if you can stop the blood lost, you can keep your patient alive until you can get them to a higher level of care,” Saint says.

Course leaders say these scenarios will better prepare soldiers in the event of life and death situations.

"Absolutely. You saw it first hand in Vegas. Where veterans were seen running back into the melee and applying tourniquets and applying their training that they received. This is along the same lines. It saved lives there and it'll save lives here," Sergeant Hunter Dennis says.

The soldiers will complete the two-day training course by Sunday.