Mississippi Society of CPAs day of service held Friday

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - This past August, there was damage to the Meridian Symphony office caused by a water leak. Members of the Mississippi Society of CPAs are now helping to clear some of the damage left behind.

“They are helping us get rid of things that were damaged by the water leak, or had previously been old, damaged, opened, or things that we no longer use,” says Kay O’Shaughnessy with the Meridian Symphony.

Other members were at Care Lodge helping that organization out with various tasks.

“Some of the things they’re doing are landscaping at our shelter- they’re building us a raised flower bed so that we can have our clients garden and do things like that that are therapeutic for them,” says Abby Miller, the executive director of Care Lodge. “We’re also having them sort donations as well as build some of the furniture that we’ve been able to purchase recently for our children’s program that we’re revamping.”

Officials with both the Meridian Symphony Orchestra and Care Lodge say that having the volunteers is enabling both organizations to get things done more quickly.

“It’s really helpful because we can only do so much during the week when we’re serving our clients,” Miller says. “A lot of things get kind of left behind because we only have so many staff that can be stretched so thin, and so it’s really important to have volunteers come out.”

“It would be impossible without these volunteers to get that work done in the short amount of time that they are able to accomplish it,” O’Shaughnessy says. “It means that the symphony is a vital part of that community and that this organization recognizes that the symphony is a part of the community as a non-profit.”

The volunteers were treated to a breakfast at Mr. Rogers sponsored by Great Southern National Bank. The group also collected items and donated to Hope Village and the East Mississippi Animal Rescue.