Mississippi State fans pumped for Egg Bowl

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WTOK) - The rivalry between Ole Miss and State is one of the most electrifying in college football. Newscenter 11 visited the Oxford campus earlier this week and then traveled to Starkville to get reaction from State fans.

The Egg Bowl is back on Thanksgiving Day! But how do Mississippi State fans feel about that?

“It’s always very hectic when the Egg Bowl is held here. I know my family will be here for Thanksgiving, so that will make it more hectic because it’s Thanksgiving Day. Lots of families will be together. It will be a lot of people,” says biological science major, Katelyn Jackson.

“You’ll think it won’t be a lot of people here because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but it’s very packed. The Ole Miss people are going to be down here and our State people. It’s a lot of people,” says communication major, Davondre Bassett.

Mississippi State fan JoJo Gray-Lewis says his family will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Wednesday, so Thursday can be completely dedicated to the Egg Bowl.

“It’s a huge game and it’s a huge rivalry. We can have a terrible season and look forward to this game all year. If we come out with one win against Ole Miss, then it’s a successful season. We’ll take it,” says Gray-Lewis, a civil engineering major.

The owner of Little Dooey restaurant, Bort Wood, and most businesses in Starkville will be delivering food to Egg Bowl fans.

“We’re doing our catering to campus. We’ll have a lot of people that come here to the store and they call the orders in. We’ll have that ready for them to pick up and take to campus for those who want to do their meals out there. We’re also delivering to larger clients to campus that day,” says Wood.

This great rivalry will take place at Davis-Wade Stadium, home of the Bulldogs. Fans will be cheering from the top of their lungs, but the iconic cowbell will electrify the stadium.

“I know I will be having my cowbell with me. I will be ringing it very loud. Louder than all the other people around me. I’m very excited for this experience,” says Jackson.

“You have to do this once in your lifetime. You have Thanksgiving every year. You’re not going to miss out on Thanksgiving every year. Come on down to Davis-Wade and enjoy yourself because it’s really a crazy experience,” says Bassett.

If Mississippi State wins the Golden Egg Trophy, it will be placed in the Mitchell Memorial Library.

The game will kick off at 6:30 p.m. Thursday. ESPN is televising the game.