Mississippi could soon benefit from film industry

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - We go on the record to talk to Dr. Miles Doleac about the film industry. When we think of film making we might think of Hollywood California, but we may not know that filmmaking goes way beyond the boundaries of Hollywood. In fact, Mississippi has a good future in films according to Dr. Doleac, Filmmaker.

“Filmmaking goes way beyond the tentacles of Los Angeles or New York now days and regional pockets of filmmaking are popping up all over the place and especially here in the Deep South”, Dr. Doleac explains.

He says we are seeing an explosion of filmmaking in the Atlanta area now and points out how New Orleans has become a little oasis of filmmaking as well. Dr. Doleac points out Mississippi as having a potential for filmmaking due to its location and tax breaks.

“Mississippi in particular has been on the right side of the argument as the legislature has a very nice tax rebate package that is still attracting production we are also are still working on building a reputation in film, but I believe we are on the right path”, said Dr. Doleac.

Dr. Doleac believes filmmaking will continue to grow in the Mississippi area as money plays a big part in any production and Mississippi offers savings for film companies as well as added benefits film companies may not get in other locations.

“What Mississippi has to offer is its geographic location and diversity as the state has such a rich filmic type landscape”, said Doleac.

Doleac says the state has lots to offer in tax savings as well as its original scenery which will all be very attractive to large amounts of film companies.