Mississippi teen takes New York

Source: GMA Day

NEW YORK (WTOK) - The story of a Mississippi teenager has captivated the world.

Kaylee Foster appeared Thursday on GMA Day with Michael Strahan and Sara Haines to talk about being chosen homecoming queen of Ocean Springs High School and later kicking the game-winning extra point. In fact, Foster accounted for most of the scoring. She also kicked two field goals.

Lots of people are anxious to know more of her story. Foster says she became a kicker at the urging of her 6th grade PE coach.

"He said, Kaylee, you're pretty good at kickball. You can kick kind of far. You're mediocre at soccer. He's, like, I really want you to come try out for the football team," said Foster on GMA Day. "And I was, like, O.K. He said take this permission slip home. Have your parents sign it. So I took it to my mom and she (said) maybe ask your dad. So I was, like, Dad you need to sign this. It's for math class or something. And he was, like, o.K."

Kaylee demonstrated her kicking skills at the end of her segment and received two tickets and accommodations for Super Bowl LIII.