'Mississippi to THE MAX' project being administered to fourth grade students

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Walter Anderson, B.B. King, Jim Henson, Elvis Presley. These artists have had a lasting impact on Mississippi culture. That is why the “Mississippi to THE MAX” project is being put in place for elementary school students throughout Meridian Public Schools

“We contracted with a local teaching artist Nancy Ray, who wrote four lesson plans integrating social studies, math, science and reading, along with the arts,” says Clair Huff the art coordinator for Meridian Public Schools.

After these lessons are completed, the students will go on a special trip.

“In February after all these lessons are taught, our fourth grade students will go to the MAX museum and they will get to see our exhibits there,” Huff says. “And in addition to the usual exhibits, they’ll get to see the brand new Jim Henson exhibit.”

Only fourth grade students are a part of this project since Mississippi history is a topic in their social studies curriculum.

“And it’s so important I believe for our students to understand that Mississippi has produced some of the greatest, most well-known artists of our time,” Huff says. “And the impact that those artists have had on our culture, as well as the nation’s culture, and the world.”

School officials hope this project will inspire students who may want to be artists in the future.

“It’s exciting for them because they are learning lessons that are engaging and are motivating because they too are from a place like Mississippi, and they too can become famous- whether it’s a musician, or a visual artist,” Huff says.

Mississippi to THE MAX is a collaborative effort by the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience, Any Given Child, the Mississippi Humanities Council, and the East Mississippi Community Foundation.