Mother of murder victim leads Stop the Violence Rally in Quitman

CLARKE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK)- Clarke County had a big gathering of friends and family of O'Bryant Dear, in the 4th Annual Stop the Violence Rally.

"That’s the main thing that I’m trying to get out there. That the violence has to stop," says mother of O’Bryant Dear, Tracey Dear.

This rally is put on every year in honor of O'Bryant dear who was murdered due to violence.

"Unfortunately, I hate being one to start this, but someone has to start doing something positive. Being against violence and it needs to be stopped," says Tracey.

Supporters of the rally met at the courthouse in downtown Quitman and then walked to Sumrall Park.

"I feel like family here. I think it's a great cause. We need to show our kids responsibility. If they stay focus and keep their mind on the right thing, they can be successful, says J-R-O-C-T-C instructor Marvin Nance.

"All this killing, it's time for a stop. Everybody needs to come together as one," says brother of O’Bryant Jeremy Dear.

Dear's mother Tracey Dear says she's still seeking answer for her son's death.

"I need justice. I want justice and I know god is going to get us justice. I want to let people know that even though I’m going through it now and other families are going through the same. Let's come together and let's make things better in this world about violence," says Tracey.

Dear's mother Tracey says she will continue this event to end violence in the community. There were several activities in the park along with guest speakers talking to the crowd.