Names and cause released in deadly house fire

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The names of the two people who died in a house fire on Mosby Road Thursday evening have been released.

Meridian Fire Marshal Jason Collier says 63-year-old Jaqueline Anderson and 29-year-old Tyler Anderson died in the fire.

“Neighbors and passerby’s were the first to notice the fire,” Collier says.

Fire Marshal Jason Collier says the fire began in the kitchen and involved much of the back of the home. He says there is evidence that supports the origin of the blaze at the stove.

"It was unattended cooking on the stove. Whether Mrs. Anderson went to sleep or forgot about a pot that was on the stove. It caught the contents of the kitchen on fire.” Collier explains.

“There were two rooms heavily damaged by fire. The fire also got into the attic. There was heat and smoke throughout the rest of the house.”

Collier says they are awaiting the autopsies, but they believe smoke inhalation might have caused the deaths. Coroner Clayton Cobler says smoke and carbon monoxide are contributing factors in cases like this.

“The fire eats up oxygen rapidly. That depletes your oxygen supply in the house. You become confused when you have a lack of oxygen, so that’s why it’s so important to get out of the house. Even if you know what’s going on, get out of the house and call 911,” Cobler says.

Fire officials say these deaths might have been prevented if the Andersons had working smoke alarms.

“Smoke detectors would have alerted them sooner if there were working smoke detectors in the house. We didn’t find any that appeared to be working,” Collier says.

Collier says it’s good to be sure all of your loved ones have working smoke detectors and to not assume they do. Checking your smoke detectors and having a working carbon monoxide detector might mean the difference between life and death. They say it’s good to make sure to check them often.

To find out how you can receive a free smoke alarm in your home you can contact the American Red Cross at (601)582-8152.