Neshoba County correctional officers sniff out contraband

NESHOBA CO., Miss. (WTOK) - When officers discovered contraband in the Neshoba County jail, they were able to quickly sniff out the culprits.

Investigators say Virginia Boler and Cedric Pace tried to slip tobacco and marijuana to inmate Travis Boler using tubes of deodorant. All three are charged with conspiracy to commit a crime. Pace is also charged with conveying contraband to a correctional facility. The jail administrator says criminals keep finding new ways to try to bring in illegal items.

"They try to drop it off at court in the bathrooms. They try to intercept the van parked at the hospital. Yeah, they've gotten real creative on how they're trying to get the contraband smuggled into the jail," Jonathan Dearing says. "A lot of it, like I said, is through the property."

Dearing says they have to stay vigilant to spot the tricks.

"We've had it where they glued it in magazines in between two pages, and if you're thumbing through it quickly, you can miss it," he says. "It's all about taking our time, making sure we're doing our job right, and we'll be able to catch most of it."

Virginia Boler's bond is set at $15,000. Pace has a total bond of $20,000. The sheriff says he's the one who brought in the contraband. Travis Boler has no bond, since he was already in jail at the time.

The sheriff's department expects more arrests in this case. They hope to cut down on these crimes in the future through a commissary-style store.

Travis Boler
Virginia Boler
Cedric Pace