Neshoba General partners with Mississippi Blood Services

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Every two seconds someone in mississippi needs blood. To fill the amount of blood needed Neshoba County General Hospital is now partnering with Mississippi Blood Services.

"We serve 45 hospitals all throughout the state of Mississippi," says Katherine Byrd, MBS marketing representative. "One thing that sets us apart from other providers is that we only collect in the state of Mississippi and we only distribute it to hospitals in Mississippi."

Mississippi Blood Services will now be the primary provider for blood products at Neshoba County General Hospital.

"Mississippi blood has had a long-standing reputation of being a great partner for the communities that they serve," says Neshoba General CEO Lee McCall. "Giving blood is a big part of what is needed to better the population of what we serve."

One in three people need blood in their lifetime that's why Mississippi Blood Services says it's so important to donate.

"We need to give back, especially to our communities," says Byrd. "I feel like with this being the hospitality state, Mississippi definitely gets behind that. We try to promote that we need to help each other because there is such a high need for blood."

MBS says roughly 100,000 units of blood are needed per year for the hospitals it serves. One in every 7 patients need blood and it all starts with one prick. Each donor at Neshoba General Thursday gave enough blood to save three lives.

"This is our first official blood drive with Neshoba," says Byrd. "We think it's really important to get their support and get people to come out and donate blood. Hopefully it will turn around and come right back to their hospital."