New 'collaboratory room' launches at MSU Meridian

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Classrooms at MSU Meridian are implementing a new kind of learning with a format called blended delivery. Students will now be able to log into a computer from off campus to access the classroom.

“For the classes that we’re providing in this new blended delivery format, it puts them in the driver’s seat. It allows them to interact with the class in the way that they really need to dependent on their schedule and that type of thing,” says Dr. Jeffrey Leffler, assistant professor for elementary education.

Students like Andrew Wallace say they believe that this kind of classroom will benefit them.

“It’s helpful to interact with people who can’t come to class, but even I might not be able to come to class one day, so I might have to use this service, or it’s a good way to interact with the teacher, or any student really,” Wallace explains.

This format is not the same as an online class. Students who can’t make it to the campus can still be part of the class in real time. They do not have to do all of the reading on their own. These types of classes are still in the beginning stages; they will be implemented for more classes in the future.

“We’re beginning to expand that idea to other programs, our graduate programs in elementary ed and secondary ed are going to be available in the blended format, so that you can log in, or you can come and attend face to face. And like I said before, the students get to make the decision about how they interact,” says Dr. Leffler.

It is important for schools to keep up with these fast-paced technological improvements.

“Technology’s becoming more important every day. And people growing up nowadays, they are more intertwined with technology. They learn how to use it from a young age, so I think it really benefits the students coming to class nowadays,” Wallace says.

With this blended delivery format, the school has been able to accommodate students who live over an hour away from the campus.