New entertainment park opens its doors

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK)- The wait is finally over as two new entertainment centers open their doors.

"All new equipment, everything is brand new, everything is beautiful here and it's amazing," said Regional Manager Jim Walker.

Meridian's newest attraction - a trampoline park and bowling alley is bringing hundreds to highway 45 area.

"We’re very excited about this because those type of facilities gives to the quality of life. Parents can bring their kids. Also adults can go there and compete with each other on some of those adult games," says Mayor Percy Bland.

The entertainment center features an arcade with up-to-date games, several trampoline activities including an obstacle course, a basketball area, a fighting beam and a unique bowling alley.

"It’s very important. Anytime you bring quality of life experiences to a community, it allows more growth and development in other areas. We always encourage things like that and it's those things that makes Meridian so special," says Community Development Director Laura Carmichael.

Regional Manager Jim Walker lists the things that people will notice when first walking in.

"When they start walking in the door, the flooring itself catches people's eye. Then they look at the lanes and everything is so meticulous. All the games are brand new, they light up, and they are colorful. Then they get back to the trampoline park and just go crazy over it," says Carmichael.

Community Development Director Laura Carmichael says this is a mixture of fun for kids and adults.

"That’s why a development like this is important for our community. It's a quality of life. It allows people to stay right here in Meridian to experience that fun. It encourages other people from other communities to come in our city as well to learn what we have to offer. That's a win win for everybody," says Carmichael.

The entertainment center is open seven days a week.
Monday through Thursday - they're open 11 am to 10 pm.

On Friday and Saturday - they stay open until 1 am and on Sunday’s they are open 12pm - 10pm.