New high school ready for new school year

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A few last minute touches and Neshoba Central's new high school will be ready to take education to the next level.

"Most people don't have what we're about to move into," says Superintendent Dr. Lundy Brantley.

From the outside in, the high school is gigantic. It's the size of two football fields from one end to the other.

"[In the center is a] commons type area, office space. That's going to be where the principal's office is," says Brantley.

Spread throughout the building is forty plus classrooms that are larger than the old high school's to make more room for students.

"We're going to average around 23-24 [students per classroom] is our average. Some of those classes maybe 30," says Brantley.

The library is on the second floor, equipped with multiple outlets for new technology. It overlooks the football field and what's expected to be a parking lot for students.

Students will be able to take their scientific skills to the next level with four of new labs.

"Kids they like new stuff and I do too," says Brantley. "I think they're eyes are really going to light up when they walk in."

The school is equipped with energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling.

Most of the desks and furniture from the old school will be moved to the new school. Only a couple of rooms and the cafeteria will be used at the old building.

"I firmly believe our students and our staff are going to be excited as well," says Brantley. "I'd like to thank our board and taxpayers for providing this for us."

The cost for the new high school so far has been about $20 million. If any funds are left, upgrades will be made to Neshoba Central's original football stadium.