Newton County working to lower emergency response times

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Newton County is working to lower emergency response times. The county is putting in a new 911 system that will help first responders arrive quicker.

Newton County 911 dispatchers answer 25,000 calls each year.

"I would say about half of those calls are probably non-emergency," says Newton County Emergency Management and 911 director Brian Taylor.

Emergency or not, all calls are checked into. Newton County Emergency Management Agency is putting in a new system that will help identify the situation quicker.

"It triangulates where they're calling from, and it gives us a better location," says Taylor.

Making the current 5 to 7 minutes city response time quicker.

"There's an app that comes along with it that allows our first responders to be able to see exactly what our dispatchers are entering in as they enter it," says Taylor.

The new system will have the latest mapping technology that will pinpoint exactly where the call is coming from.

"As people call in, it will automatically populate those addresses into the CAD system," says Taylor. "It will save a step and make it much quicker for our dispatchers."

After dispatchers take the call and get the information needed for first responders, it takes about two minutes to notify them. The new system is excepted to lower the amount of time it takes.

"We can get help where it is needed much faster," says Taylor.

The new system will cost about $428,000. It's expected to be up and running by October.