Ohio man uses bucket truck to see mom on third floor of her assisted living home

(CNN) – With social distancing in full swing, people are coming up with creative ways to visit loved ones in isolation. That includes a thoughtful arborist in Ohio.

Charley Adams used a bucket truck to visit his mother on the third floor of her assisted living home. (Source: Charley Adams/CNN)

Adams Tree Preservation owner Charley Adams went out on a limb, so to speak, using a bucket truck to visit his mother.

He generally takes her out to eat twice a week, but he hasn’t been able to see her recently because of restrictions prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

So Adams improvised, extending the truck’s boom to the height of the third floor of his mother’s assisted living home. He then called her and told her to come look out the window.

Adams said he checked with the home first, and they liked the idea. We’re pretty sure his mom did too.

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