On the Job: Going once, going twice

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - He's the fastest, smoothest-talking guy around town. Moley Herring has been a livestock auctioneer for more than 40 years.

"I just had a desire to be in the cattle business when I was just a young person. Later on, I wanted to be an auctioneer," he says. "I went to auctioneer school in 1977, and from then from there, it's part of my life."

He's now the co-owner of Meridian Livestock. Each Monday, he's out here selling primarily cattle.

"It's pretty exciting," Herring says. "There's an old saying: Action Auction. That means a lot of activity, people working and trying to buy cattle. You develop a relationship with the people."

Those people are coming from all over to buy and sell. The crew puts each cow through the system. Then, they're walked through the ring while Herring takes the bids.... expediently.

"It's something you get a knack for when you're selling," Herring says. "Auctioneering's like singing. You never try to get off tune. You try to keep the rhythm. And you try to talk to your people as your bidding."

After my best effort, I got up to the mic and sold a cow! They asked me back, but I think I'll stick to reading a teleprompter.