Part of Newton church heavily damaged by fire

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NEWTON, Miss. (WTOK) - At 3:30 Thursday morning, Hands of God Worship Center Pastor Andrew George found out that part of his church went up in flames.

“A driver had come by the residence here and reported that it was a fire, and that’s how I was able to receive it.”

The main church building was spared, but an extra building that has been under construction since the beginning of the year was heavily damaged.

“[It was] A modular home that has been in progress since February 19 and we just got it set and we were ready to move on,” George explains.

Pastor George and other church members believe this was a case of arson.

“There was no other reason why it should have burned, the electric is not hooked up, the gas is not hooked up, none of the sort, and no combustible items were in the building,” George says.

The fire has shocked church members, but they tell us that they are confident that this obstacle will be overcome.

“I mean, it was just, just stunning actually; it was just stunning but we’re going to move forward, we’re going to go forward from this position where we are now and do what God has called us to do at this facility,” says George. “The next step from here is to go ahead and get it cleaned off and we’re going to move on from there.”

Local law enforcement went to the site Thursday and then called in investigators from Jackson to assess the damage and figure out the cause of the fire.