PRR launching Mississippi's first casino sports betting app

Published: Jan. 11, 2019 at 2:24 PM CST
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Pearl River Resort is getting ready to launch a new sports betting app.

“It’s very busy in here on a college football Saturday and Sunday, before the games kick off and the mobile app will allow guests to not have to wait in line if they want to come inside for that and the other option is the in-play betting. They will be able to sit there at the counter or their table or any hotel room, wherever they want to go, and make bets,” says Director of Sportsbook, the sports betting facility, Chris Hopwood.

Hopwood says the app will allow guests to bet as the game goes.

“We’re also hoping with the in-play, we’ll have prop bets on the game. So the guests will be allowed to vote on their favorite props that we have throughout game. The first person to score a touchdown, next play first down, if it’ll be pass, rush. There are just many different options for the props to go with the mobile app that gives the guests another experience to bet with the sports betting,” says Hopwood.

Chief Information Officer Bill Burtch says once the app launches, Pearl River will be the only casino in Mississippi to have a mobile sports betting app.

“Well I think it’s the environment we have here. We have this really great sports bar, Sportsbook, where you can make bets and watch TV and the games. I want to encourage people to come by and experience it and enjoy it. We also have other restaurants and bars that are sports themed,” says Burtch.

The app will be available on Apple and Android phones.

There is no name or launch date just yet, but officials says look for it soon at all three locations.