Philadelphia Elementary students get free shoes

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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - Students at Philadelphia Elementary School are getting a brand new pair of shoes for free.

"They're really nice," says Somitra Huon, 6th grader. "They're comfortable."

Each student at Philadelphia Elementary School is walking home with a new pair of shoes, thanks to Rural Compassion Ministries and a local church.

"Through some training we've gone through as a church, we found out this program that was available," says Jason Dyess, First Assembly of God, associate pastor.

The grant for the shoes came through and Philadelphia First Assembly of God was able to brighten the students' day.

"Like, give people shoes, that's, like, for a good cause," says 6th grader, Jacob Lyon.

The church asked Philadelphia Elementary if they'd be interested.

"We thought it was a great opportunity," says Principal Jason Gentry, Philadelphia Elementary School. "He wanted to know if we minded doing it and I said, 'Definitely not. That's something that our kids would love.'"

Each child was sized just slightly bigger, so the students can where them next year.

"I know some people have enough shoes as it is," says Lyon.

But not everyone's parents can buy their child a brand new pair of shoes, each semester.

"Some people don't have a lot of money around here and some people don't have enough to benefit themselves," says Huon.

It helps parents who really need to save some money.

"We know how kids are," says Principal Gentry. "Shoes wear out so fast now days and it just gives them something to fall back on, until they can buy a new pair of shoes."