Philadelphia gas leak contained, evacuation order lifted

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PHILADELPHIA, Miss Homeowners in Philadelphia returned to their houses after they were displaced for nearly three hours Wednesday due to a gas leak.

Center Point crews from Laurel arrived on State St. at around 11 a.m. to test the air, repair the gas leak and check to see if gas leaked into the sewer system.

Crews were able to contain the gas leak and lift the evacuation order by noon Wednesday.


At least five homes in Philadelphia have been evacuated because of a gas leak.

City workers struck a two-inch gas pipe while digging in a ditch on State Street. The evacuated homes are on State and Wells Streets. Philadelphia Fire Chief Dale Yates says more homeowners in the area could be asked to leave.

"A city crew was cleaning and doing some ditch work and hit a two-inch gas line," says Yates. "Gas is flowing, houses evacuated, we're still working on testing the air and getting in the sewer system and we may have to evacuate more houses shortly."

Crews with the gas company are on their way to repair the leak.

"Crews have to travel about two hours, then they should be on the scene by noon," says Yates. "It's our job to keep everyone safe and keep a perimeter."