Philadelphia mayor discusses the black lives matter movement

Published: Jun. 6, 2020 at 10:09 PM CDT
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Philadelphia Mayor James Young was born and raised in the Fair City, a place he says has come so far in so many years. However, that progress doesn’t stop him from getting emotional when it comes to acts of racism and violence, particularly when discussing the video that captured the final moments of George Floyd’s life, as he lay pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis police officer.

“The sad part about it is when you look at the expression on the officer, it’s just as though I’m stepping on a stick. That is one of the most destructive images as a black man or as a citizen of this nation, whether you’re red yellow black or white. For this guy, I mean this is what I think about this man. This is what I think about this man. This is what I think about this man. This is what I think about this black man,” said Mayor Young.

Young said the death of Floyd and so many other black men and women, at the hands of law enforcement should have never happened.

“For a man to lose his life, in a traffic stop, speeding, this is why the black man is frustrated. This is why the black community is frustrated. You stopped me for something minor and we should’ve been able to talk about it, but then I wind up dead. That’s the frustration. That’s the pain That we’re seeing today,” said Young.

While Mayor Young in no way condones rioting or violence, he said he is proud to see people of all races coming together and protesting for a greater future, including those in Philadelphia.

“You don’t hear me if I talk low. Should you? Yes, but if I talk calm you pay me no attention. So I have to get out in front of you. I have to waive a sign. I shouldn’t have to but we do to be heard or to be seen and hopefully to be listened to in a more profound way. When we do that as a country, we’re going to win this fight,” said Young.

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