Philadelphia schools bringing more excitement into the classroom

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It's back to school next week for many students in East Mississippi and Philadelphia Public Schools is preparing for the upcoming year. The district is finding new ways to get kids excited about learning.

"i just want them to have the desire to want more science," says Robin McClellan, teacher.

Mrs. McClellan uses STEM: science, technology, engineering and math to keep kids engaged.

"I want them to see it," says McClellan. "I don't want them to just read about it because that doesn't spark their interest. I want them to be excited about science and excited about learning."

Philadelphia Public Schools wants teachers like Mrs. McClellan to be excited and leave a lasting impression on students.

"You need to be the teacher that the children remember, not because of your test scores but because you made a difference in their lives," says Superintendent of Education Lisa Hull.

Eagerness to learn starts in pre-K.

"Come in excited every day about what you're doing and they tap into that excitement and they're ready to learn," says Stephanie Clemons, pre-k teacher.

It's more than abc's and 1-2-3's in Clemons' classroom.

"I want them to know how to behave and how to get along with others," says Clemons.

Basic skills are taught in each grade from pre-K until graduation.

"Our focus for this coming school year is to continue the foundation that we've already built upon," says Hull. "We want to have high expectations for every child."

Philadelphia Elementary is inviting parents and students to a tailgate full of food, live music and jump houses Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6.